Prof. Doraszelski Ulrich,Dynamic Games: Numerical Methods and Applications

Prof. Doraszelski  Ulrich


Dynamic Games: Numerical Methods and Applications  1011.4713.01


Course Description


The objective of this course is to introduce students to dynamic games and their applications in economics, with an emphasis on industrial organization. During the course we will solve a simple version of the Ericson & Pakes (1995) model of industry dynamics and discuss how to extend it to capture key features of real-world industries.  We will discuss some of the existing methods for computing equilibria of dynamic games and about ways to alleviate the computational burden.


Berglas building, room 101



11.12.16 16:00-19:00: Room 101 Sunday
13.12.16   9:00-12:00: Room 101 Tuesday
14.12.16   9:00-12:00: Room 101 Wednesday
18.12.16 16:00-19:00: Room 101 Sunday


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