Public Lectures

Public Lectures
  • The Berglas Lectures
  • The Fishelson Lectures
  • The Horowitz Lectures
  • The Pazner Lectures
The Berglas Lectures


Professor Marianne Bertrand

Chicago Booth University

Investing in influence: Investors, portfolio firms, and political giving



Professor Nir Jaimovich

Zurich University

Job Hunting: A Costly Quest



Professor Jesse Shapiro

Brown University

Transparency and Communication in Scientific Research

*** Zoom Lecture ***



Professor Liran Einav

Stanford University

Market Design in Regulated Health Insurance Markets​ Video Record Video Record



Professor  Janet Currie

Princeton University

Small Area Variations and Physician Decision Making: The Case of Depression Video Record 



Professor  Luigi Zingales

The University of Chicago,  Booth School of Buisness

"The Rising of Crony Capitalism in America" Video Record Video Record 



Professor Gianluca Violante

W.R. Berkeley Professor of Economics,New York University

“Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents” Video Record 



Professor Oded Galor
Herbert H. Goldberger Professor of Economics Brown University
"השורשים הביו-גאוגרפיים של עושרן של אומות" Video Record 



Prof. Bengt Holmstrom
Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics, MIT 
"Money Market Liquidity" Video Record 



Prof. John Moore
University of Edinburgh & London School of Economics 
"Leverage Stacks and the Financial System" Program (in hebrew) 



Prof. Paul Milgrom 
Stanford University
"The Applied Science of Market Design" Video Record 



Prof. Jean Tirole 
Toulouse School of Economics
"New Perspectives on Liquidity Provision and Financial Regulation"
(based on joint work with Professor Emmanuel Farhi) Video Record 

Optional background reading for the lecture: "Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and Systemic Bailouts", Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole "Illiquidity and All Its Friends", Jean Tirole



Prof. David Card 
University of California Berkley
"Immigration and U.S. Wage Inequality" Video Record



Prof. Daniel Kahneman 
Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
"The Psychology of Decision Making: A Retiree's Perspective" Video Record



Prof. Assaf Razin 
The Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel-Aviv Univeristy
 "השינוי שמתחולל במדינת הרווחה אותה אנו מכירים ומוקירים: ההיבט הכלכלי פוליטי" Video Record



Prof. Stanley Fischer 
Vice Chairman of Citigroup
"Israel in the Global Economy"   



Prof. Joel Mokyr
Northwestern University
"המאה המופלאה: הרהורים על ההיסטוריה הכלכלית של המאה העשרים" Video Record  



Professor Nicholas H. Stern,  
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist The World Bank   
"Public Policy for Growth and Poverty Reduction"   



Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs,   
Galen L. Stone professor of International Trade Harvard University  
"Globalization and Economic Development in the Middle East"  



Prof. Elhanan Helpman
The Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel-Aviv Univeristy
"גורמי פריון בעידן של גלובליזציה"


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