Prof.Shai Bernstein, Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance

Prof.Shai Bernstein


Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance  1011.4714.01


Short Description:

This course covers existing empirical work on corporate finance topics and with key unresolved issues in the field. The course will also emphasize empirical methods to identify causal effects. The goal is to provide broad (but not comprehensive) coverage of this area of research and to identify recurrent themes in the literature. Depending on time availability the course will cover the following topics: firms investment policy and implications of financing constraints, the role of managers in firms, the structure and internal organization of firms, financial distress and bankruptcies, and entrepreneurial finance. The course requires basic knowledge and understanding of statistics and econometrics.

Berglas building , 101


19.12.17 16:00-19:00  Tuesday
20.12.17 16:00-19:00  Wednesday
24.12.17 16:00-19:00  Sunday
26.12.17 16:00-19:00  Tuesday


Class material:

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