Prof. Colander David, The Movement from a Classical to a “NeoClassical” Policy Frame

Prof. Colander David


The Movement from a Classical to a “NeoClassical” Policy Frame 1011.4565.01


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The economics profession is a complex evolving system that is constantly changing, although the nature of that change, and the very fact that change is taking place, is often not recognized until much later. This course provides a brief overview of the changing scope and method of economics from mercantilist time until today and then looks in depth at one particular episode—the movement from a classical to a neoclassical policy frame in both micro and macro in the 1930s to the 1970s. It will explore how what economists at the time saw themselves as doing differs from the standard story of what they were doing that is passed on to students, and how the changes were often hardly noticed.  


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Class 1 Introduction:


Complexity chapters 5 and 6

Rubinstein Q and A


Why is the History of Economic Thought Important


Class 2 Classical

05 How Economics Lost the Complexity Vision Z1

06 How Macroeconomics Lost Complexity Z1

mills half truths- Colander

Smith on Education

complexity and economic policy--April 2015


Class 3 Neoclassical


Positive Normative Colander Su

Robbins, Essay


colander Robbins presentation

complexity and economic policy--Conn

making sense of positive normative distinction--St Lawrence

The Moniac, Modeling, and Macroeconomics

Class 4 Modern



Colander--complexity and policy-Ernst Strungmann forum feb 16

Framing the policy debate HOPE

future of economics

is fundamental science of macro soundRRPE407712

How Models get Muddled

Keynesian method complexity and trainingrevised for submission


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